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Monday, 18 September 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #12 - Catching Up

After a break, I'm back with my Five Units Challenge and the Clump family. It's been 4 weeks without playing, and that's all what it takes to forget most anything. I like this family, but I needed some time to get under their skin again, and to catch up with my rules. So, a quick resume might be in place...

This challenge focuses on DNA and skills. The challenge can only be forwarded to a child who has black hair and green eyes, and the main sim must max out all skills previously being focused on in this challenge, as well as one more skill added - based on that main sim's interests, hopefully. At any given time there is one main sim who is restricted to rules, while the rest of the household can live their lives pretty much as desired.

Sylvia and Abraham Clump had 4 kids, and only the youngest, Donna Clump, got the right DNA. Sylvia maxed out Cooking and Abraham maxed out Painting, meaning Donna will need to max out those two skills as well, and she will also pick one skill. Her future child will need to max out all those 3 skills, plus adding one more! Main sims are too busy to have regular jobs. Donna will need to stay in this house for her entire life, while her siblings are free to move out when they grow up.

Running this challenge also focuses a lot on family life, and is a fun way to test my recently added Parenthood GP. There are many new interactions, and I think the family get more lively and involved. Fiona and Rudolph discusses something on Rudolph's cellphone.

Abraham and Sylvia are still Adults, not turning elderly quite yet. From this picture it seems they are quite up to a fun and active living...

Abraham even wandered into the kitchen in the nude! I think their son Sammy pretends that it never happened...

All 4 kids are teens by now, and the one with black hair is Donna. She loves to sing, and she has absolutely no idea yet of what restrictions are awaiting her! Here she studies some apples before she prepares a meal for the very first time!

Checking back on this family again after the break made me discover stuff that I can't quite remember. Like what is the playhouse doing out here in the garden? None of them do play with it anymore, it really should go into the attic instead.

Notice the table over there? It's one of the 5 units, Sylvia picked it and decided to build an outdoor kitchen there. Each of those 5 units must relay to the skill that sim picked. In time Donna will choose one unit as well, but it's way too early.

The 2nd floor was expanded. I think those columns will have to go, but I also think it can wait until Donna formally takes over the house.

Top floor holds 2 spacious bedrooms, Fiona and Donna sleeps in the left one, and Rudolph and Sammy in the right one. There are also 2 bathrooms, but one is not yet equipped and might be used for something else.

Most of their income comes from Abraham's paintings. He try to paint a couple each day, and today he created something I never saw before.

Then Abraham left to help with some volunteer beach cleaning, and while the teens were at school, Sylvia decided to invite Dorothy Flemming, the photographer, for a coffee.

Well, Dorothy insisted on visiting The Futures Past, a quite hot restaurant. It's originally a modern art gallery, but I added a small restaurant there long ago, because it's more fun to visit :)

But this place is an expensive one, and Sylvia realized it would cost her a lot more than her planned coffee.

Sylvia chose the cheapest wine, which was still not that cheap, while Dorothy with her dark whiskey voice ordered the most expensive food and wine. Argh...

Sylvia hardly knows Dorothy, but they met a couple times and Sylvia thinks it will be wise to stay in touch with one of the good photographers. When Donna establishes her own family, more pictures will be needed.

At home Donna was stressed. She didn't even want to practice her singing. One day she will head to the karaoke bars of San Myshuno, but not tonight!

Few days later the entire family was gathered for a good meal, and Abraham and Sylvia decided it was time to reveal the fact that Donna will take over the house when she becomes a young adult!

Rudolph kind of protested, because he and Sammy are the oldest, they are twins by the way. Sylvia and Abraham just said it was nothing to debate, it was all settled long ago.

And here I'd like to inform you that I normally follow a rule when it comes to heritage. When a child moves out, he or she will inherit a fair share of the house values. If Rudolph moves out, he will inherit a forth of the total household value. I will then pretend the households takes up a bank loan in order to pay him cash. I'll then adjust both households' net worth to get it right. Both Rudolph and Sammy will grow up any day now!

In this challenge there is one more tiny rule. Each household member (teen and up) must lock one whim every morning. In order to do this they will also need to fulfill a whim most days. Fiona had no chance to accomplish this during the day, so after curfew she rushed out to greet a stranger in order to meet someone new. Harrison Gallo seemed a little surprised, but they only had a very quick chat.

Well, I'm back on track. Expect next report in a few days!

Saturday, 9 September 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #11 - Donna's Birthday

Knowing these reports are dragging out - you might think how can I possibly keep going for 3 generations (challenge rules), when gen 1 sim is still a child on report 11? Well, good thing is that I will be more familiar with the various Parenting GP routines come next generation. But even better news - Donna will very soon become a teen!

Like seeing for the first time that a child can set a table by free will, is quite cool! Donna chose red color theme, and no wonder, because red is her favorite color!

Today all the kids brought home a new school project. I've not decided yet how often they shall complete their project, it seems like each child might get three or four projects during their school years. This time Abraham assisted Sammy (left), Sylvia assisted Rudolph, and teen Fiona assisted Donna. Fiona got a project too, but 3 projects on the terrace is enough :)

Also discovered the Activity Table, allowing children to draw 3 alternative drawings. Donna gets to test it, she made a nice rainbow drawing...

... which she added to the family command center downstairs. It's nice that household members walk over to this wall object occasionally to check on notes and drawings.

Talking about school projects, Fiona has brought her project to the play ground nearby their house. she gets help (or is disturbed) by a local, and Sammy and Donna appeared as well.

Sammy plays the guitar that he got for the camp, and Donna sings. I get this feeling that she might become a good singer, she often sings nicely in the shower, and I let her practice singing occasionally.

Abraham appeared, too, and look at his skin! He's not feeling too well, obviously, but I couldn't find any serious indication that he should visit the hospital. It might be something come-and-go, I hope it's not too infectious.

So, the big day is here! Donna will become a teen, and Sylvia sets the tables on terrace. It's a bit tricky with two tables, but I wanted the parasol table, and they come only with 4 seatings.

Cake is brought out, and everyone gathers around Donna! And I'm curious to see how she will look!

Ah, note that the cake was served at Sylvia's outdoor unit! She decided to build an outdoor kitchen. This far only ground is ready...

So, cake eating can start...

Donna is set to bring on this challenge because she is the only child with black hair and green eyes. Her child skills were Creative (6), Social (5), Motor (4) and Mental (2). She got dad's Loner trait, with her old Cheerful trait, and she got the Big Happy Family aspiration. I think I like her :)

She had the Silly trait as a toddler, but I would think that she knew better as a teen than to fix the broken dishwasher, without a single tech skill?!!! She did this by free will, when I noticed she was already busy fixing, while standing in a water pool! Thanks Similius, she did well!

Both Sylvia and Donna got some skin disease, I wonder if they got it from Abraham?

And Donna also has some mood swing making her walk like a zombie. I hate those swings, but they are a bit fun, too :)

To be continued...

Friday, 18 August 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #10 - Into the Wild

With Parenthood GP installed, I'm testing this all through a challenge ongoing for 3 generations. So far the founders raised 4 children, 2 of them are already teens. I like Parenthood GP very much, and it's fun to see that also other installments from community lots to activities get a new flavor. Today they will test yet another feature!

Gathering a family for a group meal is very easy, and they normally sit long enough for some chatting, too.

Friday, 11 August 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #09 - First Unit

It's time for another report from the Clump family and my ongoing challenge! Sylvia and Abraham's 4 kids are all going to school, Rudolph and Sammy are teens.

Boys share one bedroom upstairs, while girls Fiona and Donna share another room.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #8 - Teenagers

I'm getting quite addicted to my The Five Units Challenge (rules), in fact I like Parenthood GP so much that The Sims 4 is becoming a good game! There's still a lot to explore, and along the road I also find that there is plenty of content from previous EPs and GPs that I did not try yet.

 All of Sylvia and Abraham's children are now in school, and toddler stuff was set aside. No more potty training, highchairs or tower building in a while.

The extra time allows for Sylvia to get more involved with the garden. There are many plants she would like to add, although she is mainly growing the base species.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #7 - Skill Pondering

Days are very different now that 3 of the 4 children have started school. They take even better care of themselves, and the parenting is more about assisting with skill building and manners than to handle basic care. My challenge has worked well this far, but it's only just started...

Twins Rudolph and Sammy are out playing with a kid that Rudolph met in school, Clara Adrian who lives at Oasis Springs. Fiona is also with them playing, over there by the pirate ship.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #6 - Family Photo

My little challenge goes on and it's time to celebrate! Sylvia maxed out her cooking skills, so cooking will be the theme of her outdoor unit! Because she is first, she can pick any of the 5 prepared slots - they are all free.

The entire family celebrates with a solid serving of mac and cheese. Well, they forgot to place Donna in her highchair, so she ate while seated in the armchair instead.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #5 - On The Move

Life goes on in the Clump family - go here if you like to read about this challenge. Sylvia and Abraham now have 4 kids, and it's quite a handful to tackle! I expected the days to become a tad repetitive, but because the children reach new life stages, there will constantly be new content from the Parenthood GP for me to discover. I really enjoy it all!

Although, I've been thinking of moving this household, more about that below.

Abraham and Sylvia works quite well as a couple. I was a bit worried for Abraham being a Loner, would he coop with such a big family?